Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trailclub

2017 Greenway Thru hikers-

We could use your help this spring while you're out hiking the Greenway, how?
By letting us know where on the trail the blowdowns are? It's been a rough winter and late Spring and our crews will be getting out late so it would be great to know where the problem areas are. Be specific (area, mileage, section, more details the better). You can email your trail report to
Happy Trails-

May 15, 2017 UPDATE-

2017 Greenway Thru hikers

As of Saturday May 13th the entire Greenway had been patrolled. Over 170 volunteer hours and 75+ blowdowns removed as a result of the 2016-17 winter… The Greenway was ready to go-

Then the morning of May 14th (Mother's Day), most of the Greenway Trail got blanketed with a coat of 3-7 inches of VERY HEAVY WET SNOW. We've got to assume numerous areas of the trail got impacted. So again, what we need to know from you folks, the thru hikers, is what kind of shape the trail is in. Good or bad, more details the better, be specific please-
We hope to hear some positive reports back soon, Enjoy-

View from the top of Mount Sunapee looking south toward Mount Monadnock, showing Sunapee Ridge and Lovewell Mountain (dome to the left).

Welcome to the Greenway

The Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club (MSGTC) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1994. Our mission over the past 20+ years continues to be yearly trail maintenance efforts along the 48 mile hiking trail, supporting our volunteers and trail adopters and promoting the awareness of this beautiful, remote, well kept secret - "The Greenway". Through these efforts, the club continues the tradition that our predecessors established. We hope to see you on the Greenway soon. Happy Trails-

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