Homesteads Along the Trail

The Monadnock to Sunapee Greenway Trail was established in 1921. However, this corridor was established decades before by our early settlers. The MSGTC has been working to identify many of the homesteads and points of historical interest that can be seen along the trail.  So far, the MSGTC has researched, identified, and located 14 different homesteads dating back to the late 1700’s.

The first homestead is North of the Rt 101 crossing and the last is on the Northside of Lovewell Mountain. 

As you explore the trail, be on the lookout for these signs posted at the homestead sites providing a brief history of the pioneers who harvested the lands and lived there. 

A special shout out to Dan Reed for his time and energy on this project. 

We encourage you to get out and find them. Happy Trails-