Trail Scout

If you’re out hiking the Greenway we could use your help, how, by letting us know area’s (be specific) of concern due to blow-downs, unclear trail junctions, etc. We call you folks Trail Scouts, 50 miles is a lot of trail to maintain and keep clear so relying on this information makes our jobs easier.

Our First Trail Scout Volunteer is Kevin Coates of Stoddard NH, Kevin patrols from Center Pond to Nelson Center. While patrolling/hiking Kevin also does light trail clean-up, all this is so very helpful, thanks Kevin.
Did you know if you attend two of our workdays your membership dues could be free? Consider giving back to the Greenway- See below for more information;

Trail Crew Level Membership

10 hours or more of volunteer service per year, or an average of 10 hours or more per for multiple years. The individual is responsible for submitting documentation to the Board of Directors for your hours volunteered. No annual fee/dues required at this level.

Get out and enjoy the Greenway-