Volunteer Work Crew Hours


  • 470+ Volunteer Hours spent on the Greenway, reports are the trail continues to be a great shape-
  • Last count was 148+ blowdowns removed this year, we can’t win that battle
  • Big project this year was the Barney Brook cut-off within the Andorra Forest and building two primitive bridges on that section…
  • The Route 9 kiosk was built in the Spring of 2019 as well-
  • We published/released the new 8th Edition Trail Guidebook in December.
  • Looking forward to a long winters nap!


  • 533+ Volunteer Hours (200 of these in NH State Parks)
  • General Spring sweep on the Greenway involved two workdays
  • Big Project of the year was the raising of the Bog Brook Bridge in Washington


  • 250+ Volunteer Hours
  • Big Projects of the year was the Pitcher Mountain Parking lot Kiosk and the Half-Way point sign
  • A mild winter made for a light year of trail maintenance


  • 422+ Volunteer Hours (170+ in State Parks)
  • Over 100 blowdowns taken out crossing the trail
  • General Spring sweep on the Greenway involved two workdays
  • Big Project was dealing with the beaver damming at the Log Cabin Road bridge in Nelson


  • 646+ and counting
  • AT LEAST 195+ blowdowns removed this year, winter snows and a few wind storms raised havoc along the trail
  • Big Project was the replacement of the South bridge at Eliza Adams Gorge. It washed away on Saturday, August 18 after a 6-8″ rain event. The MSGTC had the new 20ft footbridge back in place the following Saturday 8/25. AMAZING!
  • Spring workdays in early May and  up on Sunapee Ridge in June and working on the south side of Kitteridge Hill improving drainage-
  • On November 10th a hardy crew redecked the Log Cabin Road bridge in Nelson and we then added rails to the Eliza Adams Gorge bridge