Trail Conditions

Greenway Thru hikers-
The new 8th Edition Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Guide is in print as of December 1, 2019. The 7th Edition can still be very much used to hike the trail, it’s all good.

We could use your help while you’re out hiking the Greenway, how?
By letting us know where on the trail the blowdowns are? Winters are rough on the trail, It makes it easier for our crews if we know where the problem areas are. Be specific (area, mileage, section, more details the better). You can email your trail report to
Happy Trails-

Attention Greenway Hikers as of June 30, 2019

Effective June of 2019, the Greenway has been officially rerouted from Jefts Road onto the Barney Brook Trail. The Barney Brook Trail is now blazed in white as is the rest of the Greenway. All current Guidebooks and maps refer to the Barney Brook Trail as blazed in blue. Please ignore this and use the newly white blazed section of the Greenway. Happy trails!

Attention to folks who have purchased the SUPERMAP

We made a typo on our new SUPERMAP, damn, nothing is perfect!!!
The phone number for the Washington General Store listed on the SUPERMAP is not correct. Unless you purchased a hand corrected copy. The number should be 603-495-3131. Please make a note of this.

Happy Trails-